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Updated January 16, 2020

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To make the New Year meaningful do these everyday:

January 01, 2017

Rev Fr Patrick Ojedeji


1. Have some noble things to dream

2. Have something good to do

3. Have someone to love, that person being Jesus


And we can sanctify everyday of the New Year by frequent participation in the Holy Mass, by remaining faithful to our family prayer and Bible reading, by asking God's pardon and forgiveness for our sins committed during the day, by asking for the anointing and strengthening of the Holy Spirit to do good to other and to avoid evil, by seeking God's special protection during our sleep. Before we sleep, let us say, Good night, Lord, Father into Hands I commend my spirit.


Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, to succeed in the New Year, let us not leave our Blessed Mother Mary out of our devotion - Let us pray the rosary daily. 

May Our Mother Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us. And May Jesus the Prince of Peace brings lasting peace to our world.



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